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Intro: Zoobi

We all have those free times in taxi, bus, metro or even lunchtime at work just sitting and doing nothing, you can change these moments to exciting ones by just try something different.

Playing casual games is one of those things you can do in your free time, we offer you Zoobi. It was started in 2014 as our first project and experience of making games and took us 3 months to be done. A casual game about a tiny creature in a mysterious jungle who's interested in eating sweet stuff and mostly his favorite one "Zoob Zoob". his Zoob Zoobs are falling from a tree and he is after them falling bubble to bubble. Your job is to help him collect them by blowing those bubbles carefully so he falls to another bubble and you don't lose him.

We published Zoobi in the local market of Iran "Cafebazaar" and in the first month, we got 8,000 downloads. But that was just the start of our career, for more info check out the other games we made.