Post TGC

Intro: TGC

A game connection (Tehran Game Convention) is a convention where game developers, mostly the Indies, introduces their latest work in order to find publishing partners or services. This convention was and will be held in every continent and country which is worth investing in. the companies supporting this convention are “MAIRIE DE PARIS”, “CAPITAL GAMES” & “ILE de FRANCE” which worth looking into if you are interested. In the attendance companies you can find great names in gaming industry like “BANDAI NAMCO”, “BIG BLUE BUBBLE”, “CHILLINGO”, “EA”, “IO-INTERACTIVE”, “KABAM”, “MICROSOFT STUDIO”, “ MY.COM” and well there are companies that are magnificent , inspirational and dear to us which we look into their work frequently and try to follow their footsteps like “ROVIO”, “BLIZZARD”, “NINTENDO”, “UBISOFT”, “UNITY”, “ACTIVISION”,  “SEGA”, “WARGAMING”, “505 GAMES”,.

We are truly grateful for this event and we are honored to see pioneers of the industry.