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4Wheelers Nominated in IMGA MENA

Today is a big day for us. We learned that our beloved game 4wheelers got nominated for international mobile game award of MENA region. while IMGA is an annual ceremony held from 2004 mostly for world or China and East Asia, this is the second time that it happens specifically for MENA region. This IMGA has 52 participants from all countries of MENA but the happy news for us is that we are one of so many and we are not presenting our country alone. alongside us, there are 15 more titles from IRAN. We are already proud and eager for this competition.

Ordibehesht Studio hopes the best for us but more importantly, we hope the best for all the titles from IRAN, we as a culture and country need this IMGA to prove ourselves in the indie game industry and therefore beam a light of hope to all indies in our country. while We worked hard, as an indie company in hard conditions, this news has so much energy for our team. It feels really good.

We are all happy and thankful.

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