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Studio Life

We’re a group of indie game developers who love storytelling and creating engaging worlds. We started as a creative bunch of students in 2014, and through various projects we evolved into the merry band of game making maestros we are today.
Ordibehesht Studio Ordibehesht Studio

Our History

Ordibehesht studio wants to become a focus of young talent worldwide, with everyone contributing with their cultural and artistic experience to create and develop great ideas, games and videogames of exceptional quality.

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Our Experience

Ordibehesht Studio is a small company founded by group of friends to develop the most playable games in the world. Focusing on mobile market we brought to life such titles as Zoobi, Sonjoo or upcoming 4Wheelers. Simple, innovative gameplay and unlimited fun is our motto.





Our Vision

We’re a diverse team of highly talented and experienced game makers, creating games that millions of people play and love

Who lives in Ordibehesht?

We have big plan and it starts with our team if you got existed about building unique well designed games take a look at our current opening









Why Ordibehesht?

Great team

The kind of people you want to have a beer after work.

Flexible schedule

We focus on what gets done, not how much you work on it

No-Strings Attached Trainings

While other companies will make you sign long-term contracts for this, we believe that’s stupid. That’s why we made it so big.

Agile Methodology

We work in 'Sprints' using Agile methodologies. These are proven techniques that allow us to ship more features, faster, with the benefit that you can test and evolve product constantly.

Open Positions

Game Design

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